October 2001
Volume 2, Issue 10
Lazertran Silk
The Right Way
by Deirdre F Woodward

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After publishing my results, I have a number of letters from people telling me that I hadn't used the Lazertran Silk correctly.

So, I decided to redo my experiments with Lazertran Silk, and much to my happiness, it worked the way it was supposed to!

I began with a sheet of white clay and a transfer on Lazertran Silk. I burnished the Lazertran Silk onto the clay sheet very well.

NOTE: Lazertran cannot be sent through a color printer; it must be used in a color copier.

After I made sure the transfer and the clay were making full, solid contact, I wetted the back of the transfer.

NOTE: It's important to do this step fairly quickly, but with a light touch. It needs to be done quickly, or the paper might buckle as some of it is moistened while some of it stays dry. However, it needs to be done with a light touch since as you add water, the paper backing migrates away from the transfer, but not entirely, which can cause the transfer to smear.

After wetting the back, I removed the paper backing to reveal the transfer.

You can see that some of the transfer remained on the paper backing. People who have written to me about Lazertran Silk recommend covering the clay with a light layer of Diluent (see Letters to the Editor.

I tossed the piece into the convection oven for 40 minutes on about 290. I like curing my pieces for longer times; that way I am sure it's been heated through for enough time at a high enough temperature.
The finished product. It bends easily and doesn't crack or tear. I like it!