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September 2001
Volume 2, Issue 9

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From a reader:

God Bless America!!!

Many of us have already made contributions to the recent tragedy by donating blood, supplies and money. Until last night I still felt helpless; there must be more that I could do to help! As I watched our local news, a report aired about the sell-out and shortage of the American flag. This saddened me yet pleased me, as it was another sign of our unity.

I am asking the polymer clay community to join me in raising money to donate to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and/or funds for the victims and families.

The way in which I will be raising money is by making an American flag cane, making pins and selling them. 100% of my proceeds will go to the aforementioned funds. I encourage all of you to join me!

If you don't have a shop or upcoming shows, go to your local flag stores, VFW or call the media to help send your message. Go to the MSNBC.com's How to Help page to find the phone numbers for five resources for sending donations.


A Proud American,
Maura Muir Wilson-Blumenfeld
Western New York Polymer Clay Guild


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