September 2001
Volume 2, Issue 9
Editor's Letter

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Sorry about the delay this month! I was trying to do the Adobe Acrobat but failed miserably. As well, I messed up the code on some pages, which caused problems for people using Netscape.

Well, we have an expert on the job now (not me), so look for those printable pages, and I cleaned up the code, so look for viewable pages!

Welcome to September's issue of Polymer Clay Polyzine. We have lots of good projects for you to work through, so enjoy!

I just wanted to share with everyone the great success we are having with Polyzine. When I checked last month's figures, we had over 100,000 hits for the first week alone! There are more that 500 people on our mailing list, and we have well over 10,000 unique browser hits each month.

We are overwhelmed, to say the least, with the popularity of Polyzine. We try to make it a fun and interesting resource for everyone, and it looks as though we are succeeding!

If you have any suggestions for improving Polyzine, feel free to e-mail us at any time at In the meantime, keep those project and article submissions coming, and have a great month playing with clay!

Deirdre F Woodward
Managing Editor